Saturday, February 1, 2014

The teacher has lice :/

You itched your head just reading that didn't you??  Lice does not discriminate.  Anyone can get it.  Even me.

So we have A LOT of hair at our house and about a year ago I decided it would be a good idea to grow out my hair to see how long I could go before I couldn't stand it anymore.  It is a year and a half later and I had/have lice.  Nice experiment huh? 

So my daughter's Kindergarten teacher is a good friend of mine and the day after Thanksgiving break came the e-mails.  "What a day, I've sent 2 home with lice and another 2 told me that they spent Thanksgiving break bagging up toys and shampooing with special shampoo." and then "5th one just went home."  I raced home at 5:00 to discover that my kinder had a head full and guess who slept in a hotel bed with her over Thanksgiving?  Yes me!!  Time to freak out.  Please don't do this.  It doesn't help whatsover and it will be OK, I promise.   If you are reading this because you have lice at your house and you don't know what to do, stop reading right now and order Fairytales Lice Good-Bye !  I will be inserting this affiliate link throughout the post because it would've saved me a month of my life had I known this!

I have spent 22 days researching this nusiance and have learned A LOT!!!!  The information out there is SO contradicting.  I have determined that there is no one treatment fixes all.  Here is our experience. 

Day 1 (or first 24 hrs. I had to take the next day off of work)--We bought Rid but next time I would go for Nix from the get-go and also order Fairytales Lice Good-Bye.  Supposedly Nix kills the nits too, Rid does not.  I learned that here.  Also using the Rid we did not get all of the adults, none of them were dead (I was hand picking them out) so when the hair was dry we bought and used a Robi comb.  We found 4 more on her and 3 on me with the Robi-comb.  I then used the vinegar method for removing nits (in between this we were boiling combs/brushes, washing bedding and bagging up stuffed animals).  I wish I would've then followed up with Neutrogena's T-gel.  I have since learned that also kills live lice.  I even had some on hand!!! Live and Learn. 

Day 2-21 I read these links.  I found this one very humorous and  this one very informative.  We continued to use t-gel and nit comb through at least every other day until our Fairytale Lice Good-Bye arrived.  We followed the advice of the 21 day combing.  Every 7 days we did a  thorough nit comb.  If you do find one nit it could be a fluke but 2 are not.  We continued to use t-gel shampoo.  Do not ever stop looking, you are asking for trouble.   Look at least every 7 days. 

So was I lice free on day 22?  NO!!!! I was pulling my hair out along with my daughter's hair.  Everytime I did a nit comb I would find one or two.  I was so frustrated that I keep researching how to kill these buggers!!  I started being stingy about the products I was buying.  I had spent $200 on Multiple RID treatments, robi-comb, haircuts, brushes, pillows, hair mayonaise, and bobby-pins.  That is when I ordered Fairytale Lice Good-Bye.  When it arrived a applied it and it loosened all the nits.  I reapplied on both of us for 7 days (because it is so gentle you can) and was finally able to claim victory!  Why oh why didn't I use it first????

Three weeks after applying RID (every 7 days) we had a head full of dandruff and still had nits.  I applied Fairytale Lice Good-Bye and the nits combed right out.  I applied it everyday for 7 days because you can and finally was able to announce victory after a very frustrating month.

I am happy to report that January was a lice free month for us! :) We now use Fairy Tales Repel.

J and I lice free.

Trying to suffocate them with mayonaise.
My head of hair.  All grown out.  Full of lice. :/ The morning of chopping it off.
My 11 year old has the THICKEST hair.  I found only find one live one in her head.  Thank God it wasn't an egg layer.  She was able to escape this by living in the basement. 

My to do list the day before my December turned upside down and I didn't get ANY of this done.  Well maybe lesson plans but that was about it.

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