Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another thing I can't live without....thirty-one beach bag

I bought the thirty-one beach bag for the....well, beach.  Last week was my first week as a mom of 2 girls in dance.  This means that on Tuesdays from 5-7 we are at dance.  We eat there, and each girl has an hour of downtime there while they take turns.  This means we have 2 dance bags, 2 lunch boxes, and 2 toy bags.  Last week they each carried all their bags there but in the hurry to clean up camp and get out of there we had a lot of coordination and fussiness.  I was thinking to myself I really need another thirty-one bag, then it dawned on me!  I don't need ANOTHER one.  I need to clean out the beach bag and use it for dance!!  So I was able to fit a blanket (for a supper picnic, 2 dance bags, 2 lunch boxes, 2 toy bags, my wallet, camera and a I have a place for dance notes too!!!!!  I simply cannot live without this bag.  Here are some photos or our dance night.

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