Monday, August 29, 2011

Another thing I don't do--lunches

I have incredibly mommy guilt for this one.  I don't pack lunches for my girls--ever.  M longed for a cute lunch box her kinder year.  I told her it was pointless because I wouldn't be putting anything any there and yes she was destined to eat school lunch for her whole school career.  Last year she did approach me again.  She packed her lunch, presented it to me and said, "Can I take this to school?"  How could I argue with that?  So there it began, she started feeding herself.  This carried over into the evenings when pleas for snacks or something else for supper  was usually met with a "no" from me.  The girl could survive on her own with an apartment and a full fridge.  

Then there is J.  My parents were here last week while the daycare provider went to Vegas.  My mom says, that kid eats all day long!!  But she feeds herself.  She didn't need me.  

Here is my response to my friend's FB post about her 3 year old bringing him a carton of eggs when he was hungry. "At least he told you. J would've cracked 3 on the table before she would've come to me. M is helping J pack her dance supper right now. These girls feed themselves. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. D'oh"

I am torn whether or not this is a good thing of not.  The girls packed their suppers for tomorrow.  What is them?  

M (age 8) has a ham sandwich, sugar free jello, kid clif bar, water and broccoli
J (age 3) has a ham sandwich, package of whales, 100% juice box, and carrots

I'm gonna let go of the guilt.  

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