Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do you know where your hairbrush is?

Today was my first day of 8:00 meetings which means kiddos have to leave the house with hubby around 7:30.  Today's snafu?  Where is the hairbrush or A hairbrush?  Anything?  A flimsy comb will not do, I have thick hair and I have 2 daughters with long thick hair.  I also have to actually blow dry and comb my hair.  In anticipation of this snafu (does anyone else have this problem?)  I bought another hairbrush.  I wonder how many it would take before I could keep a least one in the bathroom where it belongs.  I found it in J's (age 3) bed tangled up with the covers.  Apparently she slept with it last night.  Right there would be a good reason to make the beds.

Tonight's must do list:

find hairbrush
make name labels for 21st student in my class
locate extra kid stool and put by the door to be returned to school tomorrow

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