Monday, August 8, 2011

Have you met flylady yet?

I've been trying to fly for awhile, although it is very hard during the school year.  This year I am delegating to my third grader (OMG, I HAVE A THIRD GRADER, WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!)  Anyway, it is time for her to really clean her own room, and since she shares with her 3 year old sister.  I have crowned her manager of her room and she allowed to delegate to her.  To get a copy of the student back to school control journal click here. 


  1. Updated to say that M did a good job with her room last week but the weekend was a disaster!! I'm OK with it but her Dad is not. I may have to tweak this.

  2. I try to do fly lady every day, key word: TRY!! I am still trying to force myself into the good habits that she has so clearly laid out, it's just hard to do every day and quite frankly, I don't wanna! Cleaning is boring! :(p

    She does have really good resources for both teachers and students. I used some of her principles in my classroom too like the "five minute fling"! I have my students clean out their desks, files, and backpacks. Sometimes I really have to search for things to tell them to clean, but they eventually figure it out. Thanks for sharing this resource and inspiring a post on my page.

    Seriously though, I need to go switch a load of laundry. You know her motto...."A load a day keeps chaos away!"

  3. I'm thinking about starting a facebook page helping us balance it all. I can guilt trip you everyday if you would like. :)