Monday, August 8, 2011

Little dots, who knew?

My new favorite blog is Kindergarten Crayons.  Because of Fran, my 3 year old picked up this book (sort of, I was too excited to make the book) and read.  (I was also too excited to put pants on her.)  Here is a video of J reading!


  1. When were you going to show this to me ?!!!!!!!!
    OMG this is the most precious,delicious thing I have ever seen in my life. She can even self correct. Send that adorable child to me. Thank you for sharing this video. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

  2. I tried to send it to you via comment on your blog and that did not work. Then I started a new blog and was having a hard time. I was hoping you would find it and it didn't take long!!!! I would've contacted you eventually but I wanted to purty up my blog first! :)