Friday, August 12, 2011

My class size saga.

  • Last Friday I had 18 students on my class list. I procrastinated labeling, although I printed 40 sets of labels over the weekend and made 20 copies of everything.

    Monday morning I get to school and my class size was up to 21 so I printed a sheet of new student A,B and C. I started to label my classroom. That afternoon one student moved schools.

    Tuesday I gained another student so I printed off student D labels and replaced student C with D.

    Wednesday no change. I feel confident I'm ready for open house Thursday.

  • Thursday I get new student E making it 22. I frantically print off labels so she has a locker and a seat for open house.

    Today one drops I am down to 21.

    I wonder what Monday will bring???????

    On a side note.  My third grader is soooooooo excited for Monday, she may drive me absolutely bonkers.

    Happy first day of school everyone!!!! (whenever that may be)

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