Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ready or not!!! Classroom photos

Well the meat and potatoes that is the curriculum is done ready and printed.  What is not ready are my walls.  School starts tomorrow and everything is still not up in my huge classroom!!  It is possible that I have done too much collecting of ideas, blogging,  and not enough physical labor.  I am however ready to get this year going.  21 students bring it on!!! (tomorrow BTW)
 You will never see my teacher desk this clean again.  
 Big books galore
 Word wall, I went ahead and put the names up, usually we do this as a class but with 21 students I can't see doing this for 21 days.  That would take me all the way to the first conference in September.  Tomorrow we will explore names in the room and they will find theirs, count how many times they see their name and talk about the difference between their name and others. :)
 Tech station missing the laptops and ipods.  I am hoping to get some soon!!
 Reading area, I want more seating but I'm cheap!
 When everything else is up extra stuff will go on these white walls.  

 Cleaned up at least.

This project will take awhile.  This is the hallway where my kiddos line up to enter the school hallway.  I am going to smother this with nursery rhymes and words. They tend to read the walls here a lot. I have numbers up.  I will tell them to line up under a number and then tell me what number they are under.  


  1. Holy shmoly! I love your reading area and your classroom is inviting/colourful/HUGE! I am a new follower...

  2. Wow! Your classroom is a dream. Those windows - how nice! You have it looking great so far! Please post photos when you get finished with all you planned!

  3. I will Rachael! I tend to bite off more than I can chew. I've been in school a week and haven't found the time to finish yet but I will get my numbers up, my clock wall up and my nursery rhyme hall finished eventually!!