Monday, September 19, 2011

Taking a minute to breath, and blog

Back to school time has been crazy around here.  I am going to admit that I've been lax on bedtime routines hoping that they would just fall into place.  Well this year I have not been so lucky.  I had to take a break from blogging in order to focus on the precious gems, otherwise known as my children.  Day 2 of strict bedtimes went like this as recorded on facebook tonight....

Determined mama on the lose, watch out kids!!! Can we beat yesterday's bedtimes?? (Well not J's)

    • Both, still laying there-- quietly awake (convinced it is not me and that I cannot change this *sigh*)
      25 minutes ago · 

    •  ‎9:20 very quiet afraid to look............
      8 minutes ago · 

    •  ‎9:30 M is sleeping!! I asked J if she was sleeping too and she nodded her head yes.
      a few seconds ago · 

    •  I'm thinking J really did take a nap today. She told me she did but she fibs.

      I am so hoping this gets better, stay tuned............

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