Saturday, September 10, 2011

This and That

 My numbers and alphabet are up FINALLY!
 J's calendar.  She gets crazy excited for dance days so we had to put Dora stickers on dance days and heart stickers on preschool days.  

 Read to self
 Word slider detective cards from Lakeshore.  WORTH EVERY PENNY!  
 Here is what they look like revealed.  
 My new friends page from Kelly's Kindergarten
 Our new toy!!
 Rhyme Time Bingo (from Carl's Corner), with my voice on an ipod.
 Good old fashioned tape recorder.
 Computer station
 Smartboard tracing
 Cooperative learning
 Letter matching from Kelly's Kindergarten

 She's not reading them, she is sorting them by color.  I'm OK with that. :)
 Tech center
 You can never have too many alphabet puzzles
 Houghton Mifflin Journeys card sort by J, my 3 year old


  1. I want to know more about your rhyme time on an ipod and what apps you use for the ipad. Do you record your voice reading, too (for the ipod)?

  2. I use the rhyme time bingo card at and record my voice using garage band. I do not record my voice reading books because I have plenty of books on CDs. I also use for a listening to book station and our school subscribes to

  3. Here are a few ipad apps I use;
    Doodle Pad

    ABC Zoo

    Silly Stories

    Vocab catcher


    Phonics Fun

    Start Spelling

    Road Block

    Addition Fun (a little hard for beginners)

    Animal Lite

    Words Lite


    Words Lite

    Build Lite

    First Find

    Ace Math

    ABC Train Free

    Silly Sentences

    Candy Count

    Feel Clock

    Kids Patterns


    StackStatesLite for 3rd grade on up