Saturday, October 29, 2011

Add peace in your classroom instantly!-Compliment circle

This is such an easy, easy thing to do.  When we have an extra 5-15 minutes (usually on Friday when I plan lightly) I love to incorporate compliment circle.  We sit in a circle and take turns giving the person on our right or left (whatever you choose) a compliment.  Now my kinders have gotten really good at saying "I like your shirt, shoes etc."  Soooooo, yesterday I challenged them to talk about what quality they especially liked about that person.  This lead to a lot of blushing, smiling, and many warm fuzzy feelings.  It was as simple as saying "you are a really nice/fun/helpful person".  Afterwards there was a lot of hugging.  So cute!!!!! (and a great way to end a crazy week)

Sometimes I purposely put this in my plans on a Monday to start out the week wonderful!


  1. Purposeful warm fuzzies . . . who can beat that? What a great lesson for your little kindies!

  2. What a beautiful idea. Thank you for reminding us all to stop and celebrate each other. If I were in your circle I would tell the children what a thoughtful teacher they have.

  3. Aww, now I am blushing Fran! :)

  4. I love this, I'm all teary-eyed just reading it and thinking about what a wonderful idea it is!! My 3rd graders this year are a 'street-tough' group!!
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