Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you use Journeys?

This is my second year using Houghton Mifflin Journeys.  I do like the series but it takes over a year to really figure out how to use it efficiently.  I am currently working on making supplemental materials so I would love to hear what you want!  AND since I just posted a long response to post on PROteachers I thought I'd post that here too.  How do YOU use Journeys in your classroom?

What do you need the most help with??

To help me with planning I am pretty systematic:  For whole group I spend about 15 minutes on phonemic awareness/phonics and 15 minutes on the story.  I wish I could split whole group up so they weren't sitting for 30 but I can't.  I sing a Dr. Jean song or two in the middle of whole group.  I have a focus each day and it is pretty much outline in the TE, however to use technology I focus on one think central element a day (too hard to transition and find different pieces).  Sooo....

Monday--I do the lesson opener and work through the instructional flipchart before reading the story
Tuesday--I start with Phonics and work through the projectibles (usually grammar, writing and vocubulary), then read the big book
Wednesday--We read the decodables, this gets harder as the year progress and eventually takes up the whole time because I run them off, and have them partner read also.
Thursday--I start with the non-fiction portion of the big book and finish with any of the flip chart or projectibles I did not get to the rest of the week.
Friday--I do my own thing to break things up (starfall, Extra Dr. Jean, smartboard activities etc.)

Small groups-
Guided reading
Monday-vocab reader
Tuesday- comprehension
Wednesday-leveled reader
Friday-read out of their browsing box to me

Word Work-
Monday-something off the internet
Tuesday-something from Teacher's Helper
Wednesday- Words their Way
Thursday- word game

Technology- I rotate ipads, ipods, CD player, computer, smartboard, leap pad, read to the flip camera

Monday- handwriting
Tuesday- sight word writing
Wednesday- Writing prompt from Journeys
Thursday- Clipboard center such as Write the room
Friday- Tub of worksheet extras (they love this-I can't explain it) The older the better


  1. This will be my first year using Journeys and I must say that I am nervous. If you have any other tips or tricks for teaching it in kindergarten, I woul dlove to hear them.

    KinderKids Fun

    1. Have you seen this?