Monday, October 3, 2011

Tales of a remodeling teacher~the ramble

Well here is the first post to many I imagine.  A miniseries called "Tales of a remodeling teacher".  I have been busy and stretched a little thin lately.  Bedtime battles have stirred up a whole nother series of discussions about remodeling.  I have been planning on remodeling the kitchen for the last two years but all of a sudden we noticed that our kids are BIG, huge as a matter of fact and they need their own rooms.  Soooooooo.......we set out to look at three houses that would give them their own rooms.  And after looking at those three house we learned that 1.  the first house had bathrooms that were too small, 2. the second house was just like ours, and 3.  the last house was jussst right.  Buuuuuuuttttt that house was old.  Built in 1876 or something like that.  But it sure was purty.  It was completely finished to perfection.  Except it had slopey floors (probably needed a foundation overhaul).  We still almost put a bid on that house and then we realized that we fell in love with the character of the house, not the layout or praticality.  So we had to figure out what we were in love with.  We determined that we were in love with the decorating and that our house is just fine, as long as we conform the basement bedroom and someone actually moves down there.

So then we decided that the bedroom conforming needed to come before the kitchen that I spent 2 years planning. And if we were gonna conform the bedroom, we needed to build a walk-in closet to go with it and a nice walkway to the bathroom, and a nice organized laundry room with a flat screen on the wall (you think I'm kidding). And after that we decided that we had better repaint the living room, get a new couch, rugs, curtains, blinds and TV stand and hope that our kids were done puking and peeing on them.  You see it has been a long time since we have bought new anything and I literally sew our couch back together every time we have company coming.  That WAS going to be our last project but seeing how the bedroom/kitchen project could take 2/3 years we decided the living room couldn't wait that long.  So I've been busy discussing and planning, planning and discussing.

And today I bought a throw pillow, and corel draw (the correct version) to help me with the project that I am hoping to fund the remodeling with.  Bear with me and follow me on Pinterest to see my inspirations!!!!  (Anyone know how to add hours to the day?)
The first step ------>

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