Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do not underestimate the importance of me time!

So in the quest to be the best teacher I can possibly be + all these GREAT ideas from pinterest I am running ragged.  Anyone else??????? Last week I kind of hit rock bottom and figured out why I've been stressed all on the same night.  I couldn't figure out why I was more stressed out this year than the last two years.  I was going to school, completing my Master's the last two years for crying out loud!  If I could handle that I could handle anything? Right?  Wrong!!

So with my newfound time I decided I was going to do more around the house.  I had some great goals such as vacuuming and picking up every day, doing laundry every day etc., etc.  I'm also trying to tweak things at school, improve math, be more creative etc., etc.  So what did I do?  I denied myself facebook and blog time (AKA me time!)  Then it hit me.  The last two years when I was in class I got to escape my crazy teacher mom life for one whole weekend and traded it in for intelligent discussions with colleagues that centered around the perfect school, idealisms, and fun curriculum, and I can't forget to mention some pretty great people!

So there you have it.  I NEED to blog, I NEED to facebook, I NEED to pin, I NEED my me time.  My online communities allow me to indulge in me time after my kids are in bed OR *gasp* while they are still underfoot.  It makes me a better mom, a better teacher.  Guilt be gone!


  1. We were a pretty awesome group!:) We were able to complain about what was going on in our schools/education with people that truly understood because we were all working so hard to become better teachers (which we don't find in our schools always). And also laugh and have fun! I've been missing it too, even though I am back in school again anyways. Just not the same connections or "community!"

  2. Hi! (I am a new follower)Your post made me smile and I totally agree! I feel very busy this year more than ever because I am getting so many new ideas from all of the blogs I have discovered. I am also energized and have "fallen in love" with teaching kindergarten all over again! I spend more time on my computer now, but I love it! I am sure my family thinks I am obsessed, but they support my passion, so "it's all good!"
    Check-out my new blog if you get the chance!