Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teacher Christmas Vacation home project linky party

I loved this post from Precious Post!  It inspired me to search for other WOHM blogs.  Then I discovered there are not many out there!!  Is it because they have no time to blog?  But teachers blog.  I also have a question I need answered for the teacher mom bloggers.  When do you blog??  How do you organize your time?  I do OK, and get by but I hear from  a lot of my teacher mom friends the same thing.  I am too busy for....  Followed by, in a whisper voice, "I'm wearing my husband's underwear because I don't have any clean."  My New Year's Resolution is to declutter 15 minutes every day.  

I read blogs for inspiration.  I love my blogger friends, they do inspire me but a lot of them are SAHMs (which I love, adore and am a teensy, eensy, weensy jealous of).  A lot of them are teacher moms who do way more than me in their classrooms.  HOW DO YOU DO IT?!  and some of them are just humorous.  

So I decided to host a Teacher Vacation home project linky party.  What are you cleaning, organizing, doing these next couple of weeks?  Take before and after pictures and link up.  Here is my project.  The hub of my home is this messy bedroom.  Before......


I can't believe I just posted that.   Last week I had my teacher friends over to see my newly redone living room, but I did not let them see my bedroom and now I just posted it to the world??  Here is a picture of the newly done living room BTW.
And here is the post clean up plan that you can download here.

If you are not familiar with how my plans work, I frame these and use either a dry erase or post it tabs to cross off each item as it is finished. 

So this teacher wants to know.  What do you struggle with, what are you working on, and what goes on behind the closed doors of your home?  Link up!

the kindergarten chick Christmas Vacation Linky Party
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