Friday, January 20, 2012

How to make flashcard folders

Wow, I have gotten so many ideas FREE from bloggers lately that I felt the need to share.  This is NOT my original idea, it came from a colleague but I am sharing because these are great!!  To make a flashcard folder you will need a folder, 3 envelopes and flashcards.  First you will cut the envelopes in thirds to make pockets like this.

Use tape to make a pocket out of the middle section.  
Then tape them into the folder like this.
Then add flashcards of your choosing such as: letters, numbers, addition, subtraction, sight words, phrase cards.
To use you will put flashcards in the first pocket (about 10 for kinders).  When they know them they move them to the 2nd pocket, next time they review them and move them to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and finally the 7th.  At the 7th pocket you will need to listen to make sure they DO actually know them.  If they do, they have mastered that skill.  If not, you reload those back into pocket #1.  You can have 1-7 sets going at once.  They can do this independently.  Just make sure you listen to them the first and last time.  Each child has their own folder.  They LOVE these and it is a perfect way to differentiate!

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