Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to school routine Resolutions- Balancing it all!

So last year I posted these back to school resolutions.  I didn't do too well. 

Every day I will:
Eat well-keep track of WW points
Exercise 4 hrs. per week
Drink 64 oz. of water
Vaccuum and pick up a room, do a load of laundry
Cook a meal
Accomplish one thing on my ongoing to do list, one thing on my fun list
Shut off the computer and read at night

Here is a rundown of how I did working a measly 12 hrs. this week (last year).

Monday-  Did it all, I didn't work.
Tuesday-  Roomba battery died, I decided to skip picking up and laundry.
Wednesday- I managed to eat well, exercise, and cook.
Thursday-  I was exhausted and skipped it all.
Friday-  Not only did I skip it all but I said phooey on the WW points and sent husband out for chocolate.

All this and I only worked 12 hrs.  Next week I have to teach Jump Start in the morning AND put my classroom together. I'm hoping my Roomba battery comes soon.  I blame it all on that.  How is it that if one thing crashes, everything crashes? Stay tuned............

Edit to show how I am keeping track of it all here.

As you can see.  That died shortly.  I feel like I'm doing much better but school work is overwhelming me already with the grade switch and I still haven't figured out when I will ever do any big projects.  

Here is this year's plan:

Here I am, back to school time.  This week I started working 4 half days (Jump Start K program) and made my annual back to school resolutions.  Here they are:

Every day I will:
Exercise 5-7 hrs. per week
Drink 64 oz. of water
Do a load of laundry
Spend 10 minutes doing dishes and picking up
Cook a meal (every other week, hubby is cooking every other)

I've also been documenting all my organizational changes on my blog here.

How are you going to balance it all this school year???


  1. It's so hard to balance it all! In the summer, I think I can do better when school starts and I have a set schedule. During the school year, I think that, no I can do better in the summer. LOL

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  2. We are so alike, it's scary! I too taught K for 9 years and am switching to 2nd. Totally excited but totally overwhelmed! I feel so much better knowing that there is another person like me (teacher/mom) who faces the same daily struggle to find that ever-elusive BALANCE! (o:

  3. I worked on a goal list for the rest of the year and so far I'm doing ok. It's so hard to change habits, especially when you're starting a new school year...there's just so much going on. I haven't been in a classroom since I had my first child 4 years ago, but work with her at home quite a bit. Sometimes I really miss teaching. Then I remember that I don't have to get up before dawn, and I forget all that! lol But maybe when she's 5 and goes to Kindergarten, I'll go back. :) I just followed...and I look forward to reading more!