Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grand opening sale!!! Poetry notebook is here!

Half price ($3) for one week only!!  Click on my Teachers pay Teachers button to get yours now!

Kindergarten, 2nd - Math, English Language Arts -

This poetry notebook was designed to go with Houghton Mifflin Journey's Kindergarten curriculum. It is meant to go in the same letter order as Journeys and uses poems mostly found in the curriculum (although not in order). I had to bring in a few traditional ones in order to complete each letter. It is also good for your students to see the poems more than once. The Handwriting portion includes pieces from Zaner Bloser AND Handwriting Without Tears. Just like reading and math, handwriting is best taught in many ways, and exposure to many different fonts is a good thing. As the letters are introduced, the alphabet is practiced by filling in the missing letters (only the letters previously introduced). At the end of the notebook they will be practicing the alphabet on their own. To get further practice, download my free alphabet sheets. You could insert these between each poem for extra practice. at the end of the notebook or stand alone. These sheets can be stapled together, inserted in a 3 prong folder, binder or in between construction paper. 

If you do not have Houghton Mifflin Journeys, but you are still interested in using this product in YOUR letter order, contact me or leave me a comment below. I will see what I can do.   


  1. I love this! I'm going to start a poetry journal time with kinders this year so this will work great!!! However, we use Starfall so our letters might be introduced at different times. Would you be able to make one for me if I gave you the order in which mind are introduced, please??? You are amazing!

    1. I really thought I'd reply'd to this already. Hmmmm Yes! I will do it, either e-mail or leave your letter order in the comments! :)