Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The one about a great ABC toy for toddlers

Soooooo, I'm a teacher and do my best to make sure my girls are getting enough education at home.  That being said I am also a very busy mom and yes I use educational TV as a baby-sitter and don't sit down and play with my kids as often as I should.  I never drill them (unless a teacher requests it) and I don't sit down and "teach" them.  What I DO is surround them with education opportunities, answer their questions and just talk to them.  My girls were never formally sat down and taught the ABCs but they both knew them around 2 years of age. Many kids pick them up quite easily at 2.   I surrounded them with ABC books, puzzles, electronic toys and use the computer.  That is one of my favorites in the upper left, and a video of my catching my 4 year old still playing with it.  It is great because she likes to play on her laptop like her mom.

Here is one of her reading an abc book at 2.5

and another one of her on starfall at 2.  We were on this site more for speech and annunciation at this age.

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