Monday, July 16, 2012

Woo Hoo! I finally opened my TPT store! FREEBIE!!

My hats are off to all you TPT sellers!  Creating is hard work!!  I started this blog last July with ONE measly idea on something to put on TPT.  My hubby taught me some basic stuff and so I was off.  I created exactly two pages of my 26 page poetry notebook before throwing in the towel putting it off until later.  Well here it is later, one year later and I opened up my freebie.  You see I picked handwriting not knowing how TOUGH it is to produce.  Now if you are OCD you will notice misalignments in my page.  I did my best, seriously.  My idea was to merge Handwriting Without Tears and Zaner Bloser together to create abc practice worksheets.  I am 13 pages into the Poetry Notebook and I am hoping to have it done SOON!!!  You will be the first to hear about it. :)  Anyway to get this 3 page freebie visit my store below.  TIA!!  Graphics by Dilly Dabbles and
Babystar Design
Kindergarten, 2nd - Math, English Language Arts -


  1. I clicked on it on your TPT store, but it won't download? Just keeps reloading the page...?

    1. Hmmmm, try getting them from this link then. There are 3 different documents. Page 1
      Page 2
      Page 3