Friday, December 21, 2012

My daughter is going to Kindergarten next year! *GASP*

Winter has arrived!
Well I got the Kindergarten registration in the mail this week and I am officially panicked.  J is a peanut and just doesn't seem ready to be so independent.  My fears were confirmed as I dressed her for the season's first romp in the snow.  You see, we did not get much practice dressing for the snow last year at all.  So I panicked when WE couldn't find the thumb holes in her waterproof mittens.  It took us several tries but we finally got them on and headed out to the snow.  The first problem she had was she did not like being restricted by the mittens so she kept pulling them off.  I finally had to carry her in the house, bare hands and tears.  She continued to cry, wail as her hands hurt warming up. I felt like the worst mommy in the world and I worried some more.  I will say though she learned her lesson!!  We have been outside two times since, she kept her mittens on, and can even manipulate her hands in her mittens.  I was reminded that it is OK to let her fail, she needs the experience.  

J, keeping her mittens on.

Sand toys make wonderful snow toys!
P.S. Don't be jealous but we had 2 SNOW DAYS!!! 

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