Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Someone's getting excited about the new year!

Some changes are brewing in anticipation of a new start, new year and finally knowing what I am doing in 2nd grade and my youngest starting my favorite old grade (Kindergarten).  I want to blog more about 2nd grade while recording what J does in K so there may be a pretty personal feel to this blog this year.  I am also trying to convince one of my very favorite K teachers to blog with me.

With my new blog design I will be changing the blog name.  Haven't quite finalized one yet.

Who knows, maybe doing all that will assure a move back down to K :). In all seriousness though I enjoy 2nd graders a lot!  I miss K curriculum and knowing it inside and out as well as all the little singing we did.  One of my goals is bringing the singing back to 2nd.  Wish me luck and good luck to all of you.

P.S. School starts Aug. 12.
My family :)

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