Sunday, September 15, 2013

Drowning in new curriculum--a ramble--Envisions anyone?

Well we've had 23 days of school and conferences are next week.  I have started new curriculum in math (envisions), writing (Lucy Caulkins) and Reading assessments (Fountas and Pinell).  We have brand new progress reports and brand new assessments. The only thing I have from last year is Journeys (thank goodness).  I just spent 5 hrs. of my Sunday cleaning up last week's mess to get ready for next week.  In 23 days we've had Grandparents' Day, a field trip and homecoming is this week.  Conferences are next week. I feel like I'm doing a lot but nothing well.  I am longing for a routine!!!!  But hopefully that should come soon.  Who is feeling my pain?

I am excited and hopeful that I may have found my new Envision routine.  I am going to start off with the online story and practice page, follow it up with guided practice and reteach, followed by independent with quick check and spiral review and then the problem of the day.  If we get all that done we will break up into math stations Debbie Diller style.  If anyone has a better way, please let me know.  We are struggling. 


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