Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What?! A new product???! Daily Homework Choices The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Oh my neglected blog. My poor poor blog. I have a good excuse I promise.  This post is a bad news, good news post.  So bad news first.  I'm kind of laughing my last post problems were lice.  I'd almost take that one back, almost. Here goes....

What has kept me from my blog?  It all started with last summer when on June 2, 2014 my house was pummeled by baseball sized hail, fueled by 90 mph. It destroyed our roof, siding, 7 windows and everything else small on the outside of our property, along with curtains, blinds and some furniture.  Fixing that was a full-time job for the next 9 months.

This lead right into many health scares.  The first was a 3.1 cm nodule on my thyroid.  Biopsy was benign but I opted for removal anyway.  It was bothersome and I found out that I am all about get rid of it, get over it and move on.  Overlapping that was the news that my mom, the breast cancer survivor, had completely unrelated stage 3 lung cancer. I was still on top of it. My house, my health, her health (I became her #1 go to every appointment cheerleader and that was a full time job, on top of a full time job, on top of a full time job.  I think I was up to 5 full time jobs.)  Then came April 15, 2015. 

That morning I came to school with a major headache with difficulty with speech. A co-worker took me to the ER where hubby met me. They did a Ct scan and then this MRI.
Impressive picture huh? Quite honestly I had an episode/seizure Sunday and one a month ago during class. They were short-lived, I shrugged them off.

This is a 6 cm. meningiona on the brain. It is atypical (not benign but not malignant) and probably had been slow growing for awhile but it was pressuring the brain here. I had surgery for tumor removal the next day.  Which was fast.  I'm kind of a big deal around there and they moved surgeries around. wink emoticon

This left me on a 5-6 week recovery of the brain repairing itself with this tumor and absence of this tumor. I was honestly most devastated about abruptly being done with this school year frown emoticon That was just the way my cards are dealt right then, I accepted it. Then came June 29, 2015. 

At that point I had taken every measure to take my brain abilities back.  Surgery had left me unable to speak, read and remember anything short term.  I suffered from many things shown here. 
I worked my butt off to speak, read and gain attention again.  On June 29 I was doing very well, but my brain was swelling and nagging at me, so I asked for an appointment, 2 weeks early than I was due. AND.....

I had a dura tear that was causing a CSF leak. Translation. I needed surgery again (actually he gave me a choice but come on, really?).  So I did. June 30, one week ago.  Now I am told don't lift, bend, drive or basically move.  What is a teacher to do with that news????? Create of course. So my first project was a 2nd Grade Daily Homework Routine This is a homework program that uses choices. It is editable for you to tailor to your curriculum. It is simple and easy to keep up with. I ask my students to read 10 min. and then chose 10 min. or either word work or math facts. This file includes a parent signature page, a page or word work ideas and a page of math fact ideas. This file references using,, and (a subsricption program). You can add or delete any programs that do not work for you.  
It is very simple but if you need something like it please respect my choice to put a price on this.  I have a few medical bills.

So what are you up to this July?


  1. You are a very strong person to have such a positive attitude. I am praying for healing for you.

  2. Praying for healing and a quick recovery! Life happens; no need to apologize. You and your family come first! :)