Saturday, October 22, 2011

iheart Fiestaware---not just for casseroles anymore.

Well I just hate for my pretty little Fiestaware collection to collect dust in the cupboards wating for me to cook a meal sooooooo, I am using some it for storage in the living room.  
 Cameras, cords, and threads an arms reach away always.
 I'm not sure where that screw came from so I'll put it here until I figure it out (actually I do these but you know how that goes). 
 Chore jar, looks like we owe M some $$!  Post about this system from Whatever Dee Dee Wants here.  
Cards and storage bag from thirty-one gifts.  Art work by M.  Photo of the Statue of Liberty by hubby from one of our three favorite vacations. :)
 And I had to include the new blinds and curtains in our decluttered living room. Can I mention that my hubby rocks!  He painted on Thursday, hung the blinds today and ironed the curtains while I decluttered, no WE rock (considering I bought the stuff). ;) New couch & rugs coming soon......
Oh yeah, and turquoise!  So much turquoise!!

I went down to the storeroom to see what I had for totes and what was in them.  I found a big tote full of clear plastic shoeboxes!!!  I used the big tote to house blankets that are behind the TV, a shoebox for all my wedding pictures and knick knacks I was displaying from my wedding (it was time, it has been 10 years!), and one for all of the tools hubby and I used to hang the blinds and pictures.  Use something around the house for your organizing needs and join the linky party at iheart organizing.  Love her blog!  Click the odd rectangles below to get there.  I'm not sure why the blog button isn't posting.  

Update on July 5, 2012 My new fiesta ware coffee station! 
Ignore the stains.  I'm supposed to be getting new counters!!!!

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